Prime Competence is an independent, knowledgeable and skilled consultancy and concept development agency. The Prime Competence team has extensive experience in researching and modeling sophisticated processes in order to facilitate further insights, automation or optimization. From our base in the Netherlands, Prime Competence has worked on programs both in the home market and on a global basis across Europe, Americas and Asia.

With in-depth experiences going back to the early 1990s, our team of specialists has facilitated clients to re-design their processes and operations.  These efforts have led to significant organizational, operational, process and technological improvements in those organizations.

Prime Competence is also very active in Innovation & Business Development field, helping postal operators with new initiatives, adding new business models and value to current postal operations, support and lead of new development projects. Our customer benefit from our consultants’ external knowledge, ideas, vibes and out-of-the-box thinking.

We work with posts confidentially across the globe. As a result of this works we are building experience. What we learn, we put in a library and take it out when we are looking at another customer situation. We are very operational involved, no typical consultant but also no machine supplier that is looking at a particular process. We are a unique sweet spot in the industry.

No post is able to operate in this same way. This makes us unique.


The '90s

In the early nineties, PostNL (Dutch national postal operator) started the development of the so-called “Letter Post 2000”project (BriefPost 2000). This comprehensive project was effectively a complete re-engineering of the mail-processing infrastructure for the Netherlands, a system that delivered 21 million pieces per day.

The '00s

In 2003, the PostNL R&D lab was sold to TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research). In those days, TNO was requested on several occasions to provide strategic, tactical and operational process expertise to postal organisations. TNO provided in-depth technical know-how on logistical, postal processes and innovative solutions.

The '10s

These successes in recent years, combined with a healthy amount of entrepreneurship and enthusiastic shareholders, led to the official launch of Prime Competence.  The company is rapidly developing since then and ever growing number of successfully completed projects, among others, at PostNL, Austria Post, Australia post, TNT UK and Slovenia Post.



PostNL is the national postal operator in The Netherlands widely recognized on the global postal market as having the worlds most automated and advanced sorting facilities.

PostNL continues to invest in new sorting systems and innovation as a means of adapting their operations to the challenging conditions of the postal market.

They were the first organization ever to build open, supplier-independent technology platforms for automation in the early 1990.

Prime Competence is a co-developer of several technologies and solutions at PostNL.

First Dutch Innovations is a joint venture between TNO Companies and First Dutch,  a conglomerate focused on enhancing employment, innovation and sustainability in the Netherlands. It combines entrepreneurship with valorisation expertise. The main purpose of the merged company is to progress innovation and employment in the innovative sector in the Netherlands.

First Dutch Innovations currently has a large number (24) of innovative companies as well as investments in innovative companies, in a variety of industries. Their goal is to bring innovation and entrepreneurship together in an open environment. By working in close cooperation with knowledge-based institutions in the Netherlands, First Dutch Innovations wants to further expedite and enhance the progress of innovative companies and bring multiple new valorisations to the market.