Have you already started your first Internet of Things project?

Although the Internet of Things sounds fantastic and promises big changes, what does it mean for posts? For many, the sheer scope of the technology can act as disincentive. As a result, what’s needed is expert navigation from experienced professionals who know how to unlock the potential of the Internet of Postal Things (IoPT).

Are you also considering how to get started with an IoPT strategy? We have been actively piloting projects and gathering operational data for some time so we are able to share expertise and accelerate the process. Io(P)T areas currently in development include concepts for ‘digital mailman’, ‘smart mailbox’, ‘mailbox of the future’, ‘always home’, ‘postal mobile data networks’, ‘asset location and tracking’ and ‘environmental monitoring’ initiatives. We would me more than happy to explain you more about those concepts.

Start with checking out our Io(P)T white papers part I and part II and then get in touch with one of our consultants to seek the possibilities, IoT can bring to your business.

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