The internet of Postal Things (IoPT) is relevant to every post, regardless of its current level of automation and use of technology in their processes. IoPT can be applied to every part of the business to improve operating efficiency and service provision, while enabling posts to exploit new business models to thrive in this dynamic sector.

In summary, yes, new technology could make this possible and (importantly) cost-effective.

Most parcels are tracked using 1970’s technology, i.e. the humble barcode, however applying smarter tags is also nothing new when you consider trials with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags and sensor tags that measure temperature, handling shocks etc.  

Will robots take my job?

The latest issue of Postal Technology Magazine poses this question and it’s one that got us thinking about all the different programs we are working on with posts involving automation, manpower savings and autonomous delivery concepts.  Many aspects of this topic relate to how you define a robot and what job are you talking about, for example, parcel lockers are automated devices for delivering parcels to customers – are they therefore robots?