Should my business consider adopting an independent postal automation platform?  This is a question that forward-thinking postal operators often pose and indeed many posts around the world have benefited greatly from this measure.

In order to help one of its clients to assess the viability and merits of implementing such a strategy Prime Competence organised an interactive workshop.  In the course of 1.5 days we brain-stormed with the client’s technical team to identify short and long term aims.

Sorting machines select an output stream based on all of the mail piece information provided and this functionality should be well embedded in the postal organisation.  During the workshop Prime Competence therefore suggested two options to meet this aim.

The first was to hard code rules in the machines and the second, to create a separate software platform that carries sorting decision functionality and links to the sorting machines via an open, independently published interface (CEN).

This second option offers any postal organisation a huge advantage as it allows changes to central sorting decision functionality to be made swiftly, bypassing the need for costly adaptation of the individual sorting machines. Indeed became clear that this concept would give the post far greater control over future sorting functionality and associated costs, in line with market changes and new opportunities.

Having identified all the post’s requirements Prime Competence was then able to propose the most effective automated platform for future development.  We then expanded this framework to provide guidelines for the various phases involved – design, build, implementation and execution.

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