Driven by its Government’s commitment to postal service improvement, a European national postal operator initiated a plan to improve its across-the-country delivery network.  The move came following reports of poor performance and significant loss of market share in recent years.

In common with many posts across the world, this client knew that investment in a new, hardware, software and transportation infrastructure would be required.  To help with this huge transformation, an internationally renowned business consultancy was engaged to define the post’s future structure until 2025.

Prime Competence was invited to part of the advisory team by the consultancy and our role was to create a framework for supplier selection for a newly-built centralized sorting hub.  To do this we needed to determine the most appropriate technology for the client for processing letters, flats, EMS, parcels, incoming foreign shipments and other streams.

We were also mindful that the technology and automation should be future-proof, enabling it to be modified and upgraded easily, in line with changing market conditions and new business opportunities.

Proposals were then invited from equipment suppliers and Prime Competence performed an initial review.  The shortlisted companies were then interviewed.  These were intense sessions during which many critical questions were posed and we supported the client throughout this process.

The know-how and expertise of Prime Competence helped the post make the best choice of technology and gave its management vital insight into how this new technology would influence and benefit operations.

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