Although the Prime Group is best known for its pattern and character recognition expertise the scope of its work also includes speech recognition. It is in this regard that Prime Competence has worked with different industry groups including telecom companies and call centers as well as postal operators.

Vendor selection

The projects we have undertaken so far fall into two categories.  The first is ‘vendor selection’ for customers who wanted to build a speech technology-based application.  We started by surveying the market for appropriate suppliers and requesting proposals. The next step was to guide the client through the assessment process to select the best vendor for the job.

Although the majority of these projects were focused on software selection, Prime Competence also helped clients choose the most suitable hardware and computer wearables.  We have also been involved in specifying bio metric, speaker verification software and speech synthesis software for converting text into an audible script.

Additionally, Prime Competence has provided advice on framework for the projects.  This included giving feedback on the application concepts and helping the customers to create detailed specifications in order to identify the most suitable vendors.

Application consulting

Prime Competence has acted as consultant for a broad variety of speech recognition projects too.  A typical example is an assignment we undertook for a call center to scan all incoming phone calls using speech recognition technology to grade their priority.

The highest priority was given to calls concerning the company’s daily operation.  These included delivery failure, non-arrival of technicians and failure to keep promises made to customers.  For each priority group, the system then selected the top-10 most relevant calls on which we based our advice on how process improvements could be made.

Our approach was to process all of the recordings and customize speech recognition technology to meet the specific needs of this application.  The task required us to determine and group the various keywords people used to describe the particularly problem.  This formed the basis of automatic analysis of all calls via speech recognition and their subsequent filter into specific categories.

The call center example is one many projects where we advised on potential process improvements based on customer feedback.  We have also undertaken similar projects for a bank, a school, a book publisher, an airline, a mobile telecom operation and a high-end department store as well a charity organisation.

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