An expert consultant that does more than write reports - that's Prime Competence

We work with posts confidentially across the globe. As a result of this we are building experience. What we learn, we put into a library and take it out when we are looking at another customer situation. We are very operational involved, no typical consultant, but also no machine supplier that is looking at a particular process. We are a unique sweet spot in the industry.


Our approach identifies both quick wins and possible structural changes to improve postal operations. We start with sharing information to understand the existing environment and to be able to make recommendations for the next stage. During the whole process we are “Co-entrepreneurs” and work with you instead for you.


Process optimization

Define quick wins. We bring forward ideas that can make a difference immediately and prior to the final implementation plan. Interim solutions maybe involving use of semi-automated strategies and transitional solutions.

Near Term

Business models based on current postal etc. business

Adapting based on existing platforms.

Long Term

New business models

New automation, new processes, new people.


Process optimization

We can assist you everywhere!

Everything across the postal organization can be defined as a process and we can literary assist everywhere. Let’s take sorting as an example. We can help you making your sorting process more efficient. We have knowledge of the latest sorting technologies and can assist you with supplier selection.

We can improve your mail men processes. We can help with sequencing the mail for post men ready delivery and give you answers to questions like: How can we make better use of our mail men and how can we help them doing their job more efficient?

Other examples: set up Track & Trace, processes of the post office like retail point of sale systems,  new services development, opening new facilities, sustainability, manual processes, letter decline, E-Commerce, bulk mail and many more.

Innovation and Concept Development

We offer co-development services for the postal, logistics and airport industry.

We have been working very closely with a couple of major companies on trialing and introducing new initiatives in all areas of postal operations.   In addition to accessing our expertise and out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to new innovation, clients tell us they love the fact that our concept development team can co-develop new ideas with them from the birth of an idea to proof-of-concept and through to deployment. This is truly a unique offering in the postal and logistics market.

In working with Prime Competence as a dedicated partner for innovation and specific initiatives, our clients can maintain their focus on daily operations, letting us work in parallel to execute an innovation quick scan, design an innovation road map or come in-house to develop and execute a new business solution with their team.



ANYTIME The vast majority of online buyers prefer to receive their products at home, even when they are not at home. Anytime is a 24/7 delivery and return solution at home. Authorized users have easy access to the secure storage via an app on their smartphone. A proof-of-concept is now underway at properties in The Netherlands in order to explore all aspects: technical, commercial and financial.


The good old mailbox has been a feature of our street scene for several hundred years, in fact as far back as 1653 in Paris perhaps! In all that time, the functionality has barely changed. We see this as a missed opportunity considering the growth of packets and small parcels and an increasing ease of being able to communicate with end-customers and drivers via their smartphone. Therefore we co-designed and co-developed modular features for the mailbox enabling real-time track-and-trace from the mailbox.


We have been thinking about ways in which postal companies can make better use of the huge existing network they have and we are developing concepts that reach much further than just putting the letter in the mailbox.


Track & Trace for parcels is one topic, but also think about mobile property such as roll cages, post bags or even electric vehicles. Is there a strategy and means to keep track of these objects? Prime Competence started a scientific research in this area in cooperation with TNO, the Netherlands organization for applied scientific research.


A report starts with an initial analysis. Companies can do it themselves but sometimes there is vested interest. Problems won’t be shown if someone in your company is doing it her or himself. If you use someone who’s independent, you can trust the numbers. You never see the full picture if you use internal people.


We are able to tailor our services to your company requirements. If multiple services are in demand, or you are not sure which services best fit current objectives, then please contact us. We provide a broad variety of services and are happy to work with you and your business to determine how we can maximize the effectiveness of your operations.


We can augment your existing team with the competences we bring. This can either be 1 day in your board room, practical on site or a visit to another provider that has already implemented such a system. The focus areas:

  • Operational efficiency
  • New business, current models
  • New business, new models


Prime Competence has developed a Reference Framework for posts new to the rapidly emerging Internet of Postal Things (IoPT). The IoPT is a network of physical objects — machines, equipment, vehicles and other items — embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data to the advantage of the user. The new Reference Framework sets out to provide guidance on the practical application of IoPT, with particular focus on the logistics function.


We provide consultancy in the field of speech technology. Our expertise is based on three technologies:

  • Speech Recognition (Automatic Speech Recognition) means that a computer understands what is being said. The speech recognition converts spoken words into text. A speech recognizer can also search in specific audio and video clips.
  • Speech synthesis (Text-To-Speech) exactly does the reverse: TTS converts text into speech. This technology can be used to automatically read texts aloud.
  • Besides ASR and TTS we can help you with speaker identification and speaker verification. Speaker identification detects who is speaking. Speaker verification determines whether you are who you say you are. An ideal technology for security (bio metric access control).
Our consultants are more than willing to assist you in finding a suitable solution.


Imagine being able to start a sophisticated sorting operation with a simple concrete floor and be operational in perhaps days instead of months or years. The materials handling and movement role previously done by “heavy metal” sorters is now done by an army of worker bees that identify, assess and physically sort the item to its dispatch location. The “worker bee is a good paradigm for this strategy as so-called “swarming algorithms” are a key part of the success of the system. Prime Competence has established a consortium to act as a hub for posts, logistics companies and technology partners to explore, test and develop relevant technologies for the autonomous sorting program and bring the proof of concept to market. Posts interested in pursuing their own pilot program are invited to contact us.