Will robots take my job?

The latest issue of Postal Technology Magazine poses this question and it’s one that got us thinking about all the different programs we are working on with posts involving automation, manpower savings and autonomous delivery concepts.  Many aspects of this topic relate to how you define a robot and what job are you talking about, for example, parcel lockers are automated devices for delivering parcels to customers – are they therefore robots?
Surely many readers of such a headline would first imagine the parcel delivery person, mailman, etc. rather than the myriad of back-office persons that facilitate items getting from A -to– B -to– C.   Is ’Terminator’ going to be delivering my parcel!?

As experts in automation, we see the potential of today’s technologies and emerging technology that can be applied to many postal processes and there is so much to be done ‘behind the scenes’ that replacing the mailman with Terminator is likely to be many years away. A major factor here is the human element in delivering good customer service.  Ask anyone waiting on-hold to an automated call-center how they react to a robot voice as opposed to speaking with a “real human” and you can see why the trend is now reversing in that sector towards employing people rather than machines for such a critical interface to the corporation.

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