Workshops to spark innovation

Prime Competence is currently running innovation workshops with several leading posts on a wide range of technology subjects, designed to raise awareness of the huge business potential that is open to the industry.

Emerging and trending topics include IoPT (Internet of Postal Things), smarter collection, delivery opportunities, live asset tracking nationwide and developing new revenue streams.

Technology is a key theme for these events, but that alone is not the answer.  Prime Competence is combining the latest thinking on technology with operational expertise to understand fully the relevance and implementation of all these initiatives for posts.

“Many clients are finding our workshops are an efficient way to brief internal teams together in one forum,” explained Richard Hagen, Commercial Director. “They provide the space and expertise for these decision-makers to look into the future and shape appropriate strategies.”

Prime Competence workshops are run at low cost, by experts in their field and tailored to the specific needs of participants.  Its scope, the topics covered, number of sessions and location can all be specified by the post to create the optimum workshop to drive innovative thinki

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